Our summer holiday is over and we are ready to begin our new year. We are looking forward to the new challenges that lay ahead.  2008 Starlights will be blogging soon. We are a K/2 class comprising of 10 Kindergarten children and 8 Year 2 children. Don’t forget to click on the tabs along the top of the page as these show you more exciting activities that we do in our classroom.


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On Thursday 13th September, Kindergarten went to Taronga Zoo. We traveled by bus to the zoo. On the way we saw lots of cars, buses, houses and tall buildings. We crossed two bridges, The ANZAC bridge and The Harbour Bridge and then we finally arrived at the Zoo and we sat at tables to eat our recess. Then we began walking along all the different enclosures. We saw big tortoises, lizards, a Komoda Dragon, chimpanzees, seals, crocodiles, lions, tigers, gorillas, snow leopards, meerkats, alligators, crocodiles. At lunch time we ate our lunch while watching “The Bird Show”. We liked the owl because it looked like Hedwig. We got to pat an echidna. Our favourite animals that we saw were the elephants, the koalas, the giraffes, the snow leopards and the meerkats. At the end of the day we were all very tired. Some of us slept on the bus on the way home. It was a fantastic day.


We had a great time finding all the things in our room that a magnet would stick to. We all started with a small strip of magnet that Ms Leonard cut from a big roll. We then went exploring and were surprised to find many metal objects that we thought would be magnetic were not. (We knew we were looking for metal from a previous lesson.) Can you recognise the objects in the photos!

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Whose ears can you see???????

We went for a sound walk around our school. We had to be perfectly quiet (which is very difficult) We have listed the sounds we heard in the different places.

In the classroom : Children’s voices, teacher’s voices, feet scratching the carpet, yawning,our own heart beats, a door opening and closing, birds chirping, a cough.

As we walked through Area 4 we heard water running,(PLEASE EVERYONE WE MUST REMEMBER TO TURN OF THOSE TAPS.) Leaves nuts and branches falling from the trees.

At the front of the school we heard cars zooming, trucks thumping, pedestrian traffic light change, cars and trucks brakes, police siren, someone in our class hitting the ground with a stick.

In Area 6 we lay on the grass and heard birds flapping their wings, a dog barking, wind in the trees, a cat meowing, squeaky wheel of a pram, our own heart beats, someone whistling, feet rubbing the grass, laughing.

We decided Area 6 was the most peaceful place in our school. We have also learn t how important our ears are to us in assisting us make sense of the world.

Thankyou Shaima for coming to our class and showing us your hearing aid and sharing with us how it works. It made us all appreciate our own two ears.